RealSpine Advanced MISS - Herniated Disc L4/5 (Anular Closure)

Advanced Training

Anatomical Cartridge for advanced endoscopic/microscopic decompression training of the lumbar spine.

Requires a RealSpine Training System ADVANCED (Base + Cover + Skin) Sold Separately.


Key features

  • High-fidelity simulation of all anatomical landmarks including tissues and fluids
  • Pathology: Disc herniation L4-L5
  • Perform microscopic decompression procedures on both sides of the L4-L5 vertebrae.
  • Master dura suture procedures, and manage complications just like in a real surgery.
  • Compatible with RealImaging, providing an all-encompassing solution for advanced spine surgery education.

Scientific Specifications

Procedures: Dura closure, Bleeding management

Approaches: MISS

Access: Posterior

Compatible technologies: Dura Suture, Bleeding management

Included in the box:

  • RealSpine Advanced MISS Herniated Disc L4-L5 (Anular closure) cartridge.